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The recent MPI THCC Strikes for Tikes event was a Big Success. This year's event netted $8,000 for Sammy's House, we had 18 teams participate, and 16 student bowlers from Sammy’s House. The most important part was everybody had FUN.
Sarah Schenk, Strikes for Tikes Chairman, said; "We had such a great time at this year's event. Everyone had a blast, especially our little bowlers from Sammy's House. Sister and brother Elia and Luke Sandoval, both students at Sammy’s House, bowled for almost 3 hours straight and laughed and giggled the entire time. They were just so happy to be here and meet all the other bowlers and got to have so much fun with the other kids. The joy this event brings to the kids makes it all worthwhile. We want to thank our bowling teams, donors, and all the volunteers who work so hard to make this event possible. It is fantastic that our chapter (MPI THCC) host this event to support such a worthwhile charity as Sammy's House".
Sammy's House is an Austin-based non-profit which provides services for children who are medically fragile and/or developmentally delayed. All net proceeds benefit Sammy's House to improve their child development center and also provide therapy and support for the children.
The volunteer committee which coordinated this year's Strikes for Tikes event is made up of MPI THCC members Monique Romero-Green, Brenda Hoffmann, Amber Lamb, Mary Reynolds, Lyndsay Nicholson, Jeff Rasco, Regina Aubuchon, Sarah Schenk and John D. Harris. Great Job Everyone!
Strikes for Tikes is 1 of 2 community outreach programs which MPI THCC host each year. The other program, the Senior Companion Holiday Luncheon, is scheduled for the week of December 11th in San Antonio.

About Sammy's House

Sammy's House provides services for children in need, regardless of their special needs or their family's economic status. When you choose to give to Sammy's House you are supporting specialized education for children with special health or behavior needs and the livelihood of their families. Please read the following story of a Sammy's House family. Sammy's House was there for this mother and her two girls when they were in need.
"Since their births, my girls have been a bright spot for each person around. When Mikayla was nearly 2 years old, she began having seizures and, soon after, started to regress. She lost all the words she had learned and was diagnosed with autism. I thought I lost my girl. She became completely nonverbal, had years of uncontrolled seizures, and sees multiple therapists. Morgan, the entertainer and my little helper, was different. When we realized she had a speech delay, I immediately blamed myself: "Because I've been concerned with Mikayla, I didn't focus on Morgan enough". Recently, we found out Morgan is on the autism spectrum as well. Before I knew about Sammy's House, I didn't know where to send my girls; they were in a place that couldn't take care of them. Since we came to Sammy's House, everyone has been a part of the progress Morgan and Mikayla have made. Morgan refers to people by name, interacts with children in and out of school, and made a very close friend. Sammy's House is where Mikayla connected with another child for the first time, and now she has a friend as well. My kids are now happy and comfortable around people, because of Sammy’s House. Thank you for supporting Sammy’s House, a very special part of their lives!"



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