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Todoist - My favorite productivity tool
Utilize the Todoist app for everything at work and home from our short-term projects to our long-term ideas to the home projects we’ll get to someday.
Like many of the top task list tools, Todoist lets you sync your lists on any device. The integration with Gmail (Page X) is very helpful, because emails can be turned into tasks with a couple of clicks. The to do list also attaches to Outlook, allowing you to prioritize and group items by project.
The free version will likely suffice; however, the the extra features in the premium version are very helpful, such as more projects, location-based reminders and the capability to work with more collaborators.


Dashlane - secure password keeper app
Everyone that uses the web today faces some version of the password problem. Many know that their passwords are unsafe, either because they’re trivial to crack or they’re reused on several websites. Many others forget their passwords and stop using services, or shy away from new online services altogether – because remembering passwords and registering for new websites with new passwords is a pain. Dashlane was created to solve these problems with one neat solution that is simple, secure, and universal.

Punk Post

Do you have 100 tasks to take care of on your to-do list? As meeting professionals we all know the power of a thank you note. Nothing says “I appreciate you” more than a handwritten note. But with daunting to-do lists how do you find the time to pick a card, write a perfectly penned message and send it out at the post office? Well, with punk post you can send a handwritten note with the click of a button. Through the punk post app, you can pick a design, type your heartfelt message, and hit send. Within a matter of days your recipient will receive a beautiful hand written card from their favorite person. You! Check out punk post in the iTunes or Google Play Store!


Conference Call meets convenience. How does it all work? Download the Unmute app, invite friends co-workers to connect to the app, from there you invite up to 50 people with up to 6 people being able to talk at one time. This app is perfect for getting everyone into the loop on site selection for your next tradeshow or even planning the next family reunion. Unmute makes conference calling simple easy and fun.


Are you the type that needs to visually see a plan but pen and paper are not your thing? The MindNode app lets you map out ideas on your trusty digital device. With the ability to share your mind maps with your team, write extensive notes within the map and create tasks attached to your idea, MindNode is sure to help you get from concept to reality in no time.

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