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The Journey


The station is in sight. The journey is almost over. As this year comes to an end we realize the journey is not done; we are simply changing conductors. My dad, infinite in his wisdom, always told me to never stop moving and never stop learning. If you do, the journey has ended. And, that was exactly what he did until his passing on April 13 at the young age of 91 years, 4 months, and 26 days. Yep, Dad, you got it right...
Our chapter has been moving and shaking this year:
  • We have worked continuously all year at regaining our membership, sponsorship and longevity in a competitive hospitality bull market;
  • Our chapter finances continue to be strong and secure with a diversified portfolio of savings and investments. Our board is dedicated to fiscally managing the monies of the chapter in a prudent and thoughtful manner;
  • Scholarships, totaling $4825, were given to seven members throughout the year;
  • Educational meetings (three in Austin and three in San Antonio) plus four noontime networks (three in Austin and one in San Antonio) gave members an opportunity to learn and network;
  • The monthly Under the Oaks e-newsletters and bi-weekly FOCUS were timely and informational and the chapter website was updated often with pertinent news and chapter activities;
  • Another wildly successful Texas Education Conference was held in Galveston and featured a myriad of excellent educational speakers and topics and we had one helluva Pirate Party, too;
  • We continued our history of giving for our two charities, Senior Companions in San Antonio and Sammy’s House in Austin. We entertained and fed almost 100 Seniors at the Historic Sunset Station in San Antonio with the help of many hotel, catering, and personal donors and the longtime support and sponsorship of The RK Group. Our chapter has sponsored a holiday event for Senior Companions for 13 years. In Austin, almost 100 bowlers hit the lanes and ate mountains of pizza while a competitive ticket raffle continued in the background. In our 8th year of supporting Sammy’s Houses we were again able to donate $8000 to the kids;
  • We partnered for a third year with IAEE-Central Texas Chapter to host a well-attended, education driven Southwest Showcase in January of 2017 which will be repeated in January 2018; and lastly
  • A successful online Silent Auction is anticipated to raise record or near record funds for next year’s chapter activities and scholarships;
None of these successful events would have been possible without a lot of work. Our board is comprised of members and our attendees at events are members and guests. The common denominator for everything is MEMBERS. The board serves for you, the volunteers spend hours creating and producing quality events for you, and you (ALL our members) make it possible.
So, the journey is not over but it’s time for us to welcome a new conductor. It will be a good ride. Stay around and see what’s in store. I promise; you won’t be disappointed.
Thanks to all of you who helped fulfill this year’s mantra – “Engage, Educate, Elevate” – and you did it in ways I never dreamed possible.
Engage, Educate, Elevate!
Debbie Farnum, CMP

President, MPI THCC


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